Ways to Use Essential Oils in a Bath

We all know that bathing is a process of cleansing ourselves and making us look and feel fresh every day. However, in some cases, only bathing is not enough. The body sometimes needs a lot of extra things than barely soaps to clean itself and protect itself from outside germs and dirtiness. That is where the healthy and essential oils enter into the picture.

When people start using essential oils in the bath, their skin starts rejuvenating and cleansing much accurately. This opens up the pores of the skin and the oxygen level provided to the skin is increased. Ultimately, the skin of people starts looking younger and glowing. For the same reason, the use of essential oils should undoubtedly be taken into consideration by everyone who wants glowing and fresh skin with every bath.

Different Ways to Use Essential Oils in a Bath:-

Following are some effective ways in which people can take an effective and relaxing bath with essential oils and make their skin active and happier than before-

Moisturized Skin

Agitation of Bath Water should be done:

This is to ensure that the oil drops spread equally throughout the bathwater. If the oil particles settle only in one corner then your body part exposed to that corner will become extra oily and the rest of the body will not receive any oil nourishment.

Water should be Mild:

Extra hot bath water can cause a certain reaction with the essential oils and can result in giving allergies or rashes to your skin. That is why you should use semi-hot bathwater when pouring essential oils into it.

The blending of Base & Vegetable Oil can be done for Moisturized Skin:

For getting healthier and moisturized skin, make an equal blend of base oil and essential oil.

The above ways of using essential oils in a bath are the most qualified ones and won’t disappoint you at all for sure.


Benefits of Using Essential Oils in a Bath:-

To take an aromatherapy bath is possible at very affordable rates with the help of essential oils. In the same way, some other advantages of using essential oils in a bath can be listed as follow-

Nourishment to the fullest.

The freshness of the skin remains constant throughout the day.

Skin looks glowing and not sticky.

Releases stress and inflammation of the body and loosen the muscles internally

The usage of essential oils should be limited in their quantity even if it is very effective to be used. A minimum of 5 drops to a maximum of 8 drops should be used daily.


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