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How to straighten hair without heat

Everyone wants straight hair, especially those who have very curly or wavy hair. Straight hair is very manageable, so nowadays, everyone wants it to save their time in detangling their hair.

So, here I am listing down 3 methods by which you can straighten your hair without heat.

Method no. 1: Using rollers

This method has been used for many years to straighten hair. You must have noticed someone from your grandma’s age used to straighten her hair with it. But not every old thing has to be changed. Rollers are easy to use and can give you a bump in the roots or curve at the end. After washing your hair, let them stay for some time. Then when your hair is in a damp state, not wet, apply the velcro rollers and let it remain for some time until your hair dries.

Method no. 2: Leave-in conditioner

There are many leave-in conditioners available in the market. You can apply these to your damp hair and not forget to detangle your hair before using them. Then let it air dry for 5 minutes, and then comb your hairbrush through it gently. Then you will have smooth, detangled and straight hair. If you don’t get your desired result, you can apply a little bit of leave-in conditioner and repeat the process.

Method no. 3: Milk mask

Now, you probably know coconut milk is a rich source of keratin that can straighten your hair. You can try a coconut milk mask or any heavy milk like almond milk mask on your hair and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. Then wash it with a mild shampoo. This is a natural way to have straight and nourished hair. But it will not give you a perfectly straight look as a heated straightener does, but it can soften your curls.

Besides them, you can also try the overnight straightening method. You just have to take your damp hair and comb it thoroughly part by part. Then wrap it around your head and secure it with bobby pins. Then take a silk scarf and wrap it around to prevent fizzing. Then sleep tight and after waking up you can have straight hair.

Remember these processes will not give you permanent straight hair.



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