applying liquid liner

Ways to wear liquid liner

Who does not want a perfect eyeliner? But the main problem with liquid liner is that we can not draw even lines in both eyes. For me, it is my biggest struggle to apply eyeliner perfectly and the same as the other eye.

So, here I am listing down the step-by-step process for applying liquid liner in your upper and lower lashline separately.

Steps to wear liquid liner in your upper lash line:

  • Apply primer– yes, you heard me right. Applying Primer on your eyelid is not only important for eyeshadow, it is also important to apply a liquid liner perfectly. So, dab a small amount of primer in your upper eyelids as a base.

upper lash line

  • At first draw a line, then fill – after applying primer, draw a line just a little bit up to your eyelash line, depending on how much broader you want your liner to be. In this way, you will get a smooth outer line. Then fill the liner under the outer line to your lash line.
  • If needed, clean with cotton buds – sometimes the liner gets spilled out of the outer line. In this situation, you can use a cotton bud dipped in micellar water and wipe out the unnecessary spots.
  • If required, repeat – sometimes after drying, the liquid liner loses its intensity. So you can repeat the application process until you get your desired look.

Now, it is time for the lower lash line.

Steps to wear liquid liner in your lower lash line:

  • Draw a line in your lash line – like in the upper lash line, draw a line in your lower lash line. This time draw from the outside of your eyes to the inner corner of your eyes. According to your preference, you can broaden the line in the centerline
  • Fill – now, fill the lined portion and use cotton buds dipped in micellar water to correct the lines.
  • Repeat if needed – as I mentioned earlier, if you need to darken the liner, you should repeat the application process once again.


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