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How to safeguard curls when swimming?

Swimming with natural hair is one of the things which can harm your hair or make your hair drier than the original texture. If you try to blow out or straighten your hair, you will know that your hair will come to its original lectures within the minutes if you go in the water. Just standing near the pool or the beach, your hair blowout will come off in seconds.

Everyone has a different hair texture and type. You just have to accept your hair texture and choose all the products according to your hair type. You should also consider the precautions and take care of your hair. Following are some tips that will explain to you how to protect curls when swimming:-

Apply rich conditioner:-

We all know that every pool has chlorine for cleaning purposes, but this is not good for your hair. It will damage your hair. You should know that chlorine is not suitable for all hair types, but you have to take extra care if you have curls. Curly hairs are naturally drier than the other hair types; therefore, the chlorine will be harmful to your hair.

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Before you go swimming, you should apply the deep conditioner to your hair, and it will shut down the porous before chlorine goes in. Then after using the conditioner, you have to put on the bathing cap, which will give your deep conditioning treatment. Your hair will be hydrated and frizz-free at the end of the swimming.

Use kitchen products:-

This is one of the techniques to prepare wavy hair for swimming. You just have to apply olive oil to your hair which will repel the chlorinated water because the oil and water never mix. This will give your curls protection from the chlorinated water.

Leave in conditioner:-

If you plan to go to the beach, you should know that the salty water will make your curry hair even drier. If you don’t want to put the bathing cap and the deep conditioner, you should put a leave-in conditioner on your hair. This will protect your hair from salty water.

Sulfate-free cleanser:-

This is one of the essential steps that will make sure that your hair is salt and chlorine-free after you come out of the pull. For that, you have to use sulfate-free shampoo or conditioner immediately after you go out of the pool.


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